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About Us

We help our customers find their customers

We believe that our customers should get maximum benefit out of their website. Your website is the most powerful tool in your marketing/branding/communication strategy. With a well made website you can effectively communicate with your various stakeholders and achieve your goal.

MediaTree was founded on June 2020 by Shreyas Khatri, who has now collective experience of over 14 years in internet industry.

Over the years we have helped 200+ businesses of all sizes, from multinational MNCs to solopreneurs across industry and service verticals to establish and fortify their online presence. We have to our privilege, managing India territory website for one of the Big4 accounting firms for 7 years straight.

Our team includes business and consultants, UI/UX experts, designers, developers and testers. Our advisory and extended marketing team includes SEO specialists, Google Certified Adwords PPC marketing specialists and social media enthusiasts with an average experince of 15 years.

The focus is always on providing positive ROI, sustainable, predictable and cost effective solutions to achieve clients’ short term and long term goals.

With a varied mix of skill sets including helping customers identify their most profitable customers / product / services / markets ; quantifying demand, understanding buying behaviour, persuasive content creation, and analytics enables him to provide a holistic solution.

Our services have helped customers bring a new perspective to the table, transform the way they look at digital, the way they do business and have opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Happy Customers

When we decided to revamp our company identity, we decided it was best to start of by making a brand new website. Our old website wasn’t up to date and did not match up to our current taste & style. 

We are glad to have chosen MediaTree to work on our website. Once the design agency laid out the foundation, Media tree made sure that everything was broken down & explained to us about the process and in just one meeting we were given a complete solution regarding the timelines, work expected and deliverables. Post which, it was a smooth sailing process.

We were assured excellent customer service all through out & we were always treated as priority. The representatives have always been available to us at every beck and call, whenever there were any queries from our end. The hand over was extremely smooth and they continue to service us as and when the need arises.

We are extremely happy with the outcome and will definitely recommend their services to all who enquire! 

Pawan Manglani

Leading Food Photographer, Pawan Manglani Photography
Mumbai, India

MediaTree did a great job developing our website. Be the layout or the backend, everything was customized as per our requirement. Also the after service has been amazing and they have still been responding to all my queries which is great 😉 Inshort extremely competent and professional and more importantly every job was done with a lot of integrity.

Alisha Bardia, Isa Beauty

Alisha Bardai

Founder, Isa Beauty
Mumbai, India

Working with MediaTree has always been excellent and a rewarding experience. They stood out above the crowd and took the time to explain what was needed and answered all my questions, making me feel comfortable with the entire process. The team led by Shreyas left me with a great sense of confidence in their abilities as developers and able to complete any difficult task. Once the work began, they worked continuously and kept me informed at every step of the way, and were accessible at any times. They are reliable, quick and thorough. MediaTree gets it done right period.

Bhavik Kamdar

Founder, The Lab Mine
Chicago, USA

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How we work

Goal Clarity

We assist clients in identifying and establishing core objective of the project. If client has multiple goals, we help them breakdown down those goals in logical milestones.

Setting Expectations

We set realistic expecations of what is achievable within given time/cost/skill constraint.

Templatised Workflow

Our structured processes are well documented that allows for both – creative feedom as well as technical precision

Quality Control

We take nothing for granted. Our eye for detail and multiple reviews ensure you get highest quality of work possible within the scope.

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