Newsletter Best Practices

Table of Contents

Newsletter image guidelines

  • Image Sizes
    • Max width of any image should be 600 pixels
    • For edge to edge image, the width should be 600 pixels
    • For images which are not fullwidth, the image size (intrinsic size) should be closest to the desired rendered size. Ideally, if the image is going to appear in single column on mobile, keep minimum width of 320 pixels.
  • Image formats:
    • All normal images should be in JPG format
    • Only transparent images in PNG format
    • Animated images should in GIFt
  • Compress all the images (JPGs and PNGs) using TinyPNG
  • For GIF, use suitable online compressing service

ALT Tags

Ensure all images have suitable ALT Tags / Titles

Spacing and Alignments

  • Ensure there is consistent padding for all the sections on the sides
  • Ensure there is suitable and consistent top-bottom padding


  • Ensure all images have suitable hyperlinks
  • Ensure all call to actions have suitable hyperlinks


  • Test the email on your desktop as well as on your mobile

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