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Webinar Management

Add New Webinar Login to backend Go to Webinar on the left hand side(Tip: open the pages in a new tab (Ctrl+click / Cmd+click) Click

Blog Management

Before you start: Prepare your images Images are a very important part of your website/blog post. Optimized images help your web page load faster. Please

Testimonial Management

Add new testimony Go to the testimonials page in the backend and Click on ‘Add New’ Fill up the information in the form below: Edit

Google Analytics

How can I check my website traffic / access Google Analytics Go to Login using your Gmail or Google Suite account Tip: Remember to change reporting

Careers Job Listing Management

Adding / Editing Job Listing Login to the website Click on ‘Career Opportunities’ on left hand side Fill up title, description, excerpt, featured image as

Whitepapers Management

Add New Whitepaper Login to the website Click on ‘Whitepapers’ on left hand side 3. Click on ‘Add New’ and fill up the data as

Team Members Management

Add New Team Member! Login to the backend Go to ‘Team Members’ from left menu Duplicate an existing team member if you want to add

User / Author Management

User/Author bio description/profile length There’s no as such character limit. However, About 160 to 500 characters should be ideal. User/Author Profile Pic Aspect ratio: Square